What Our Customers Are Saying

David says...

I am writing to express my gratitude and to recommend Cornerstone and their staff for their efforts in helping me to fully insulate and bring my house to a higher energy efficiency rating. 


In June, I had stopped in to see a few friends of mine on Akwesasne and they told me about the program that Cornerstone and NYSERDA were jointly involved with.  I contacted Cornerstone and was very impressed at how easy it was for me to apply and to qualify.  Special thanks to Dayna who was my main contact in this.

The energy audit, which took about 2 hours, showed my old farm house had a number of deficiencies energy wise and the audit made a number of recommendations.  I was re-assured that what I chose to do was my choice.  The main jobs were:

A.  Insulating all the areas of the house  that either did not have insulation or the insulation was insufficient (approximately 1/2 of the house).  Jesse and Ricky worked for 6 days here and did a tremendous job.  Yes, there was some mess, but they took great pains to leave the house in good shape.  Thanks guys!  I appreciated your hard work and your ability to overcome obstacles that an old farm house can have.

B.  The second job was installing a new boiler and water heater, which was needed to replace older and less efficient machines.  This process was also very painless for me and thanks to Ray and Travis for their work.

I am not only appreciative of the work, but appreciate the high level of communication that I received on the process and on any of my concerns.  I felt like I was an active part of all of the work. Once again, I thank Cornerstone and their staff for all of the help that I received and highly recommend them and the collaboration with NYSERDA. 


Thank you!