Why Insulation Matters - Even in Summer


If you have insulated all the key areas of the home – especially your attic and walls - you are going to have created a  barrier to prevent the heat from getting in on a hot day. The insulation will work to keep the cold air in and the hot air out - just the opposite of its use in winter.

There are a few other useful tips however that will help make sure the heat stays outside and the cool air is inside. Especially if you have an air-conditioning system, you want to be sure that the insulation in your home is working to help you save those cooling dollars. 

  • Solar gain is one of the main ways warmth is going to be ampli­fied in the home. When the sun is out, it will shine down on win­dows and amplify the heat in the area behind it. Avoid this by using blinds, drapes and reflec­tive mate­ri­als in your win­dows to min­imise the impacts of solar gain.

  • Air cir­cu­la­tion is really impor­tant. At night when it is cooler, open as many win­dows as you can to allow the house to cool. If you have fan­tas­tic insu­la­tion all that heat from the day isn’t going to be able to get out at night, so let the heat out when the weather is at its coolest. Once the sun starts to come up in the morn­ing, close all your win­dows. If your home is well insu­lated and you have taken care of solar gain, it will actu­ally take quite a while for your home to heat up. You can then main­tain a cool tem­per­a­ture though the morn­ing and into the heat of the mid­dle of the day.

  • Circulating the air with fans is fine, as it will make you feel cooler, but remember that anything electrical that is running in the house is going to make the ambient temperature higher, and the insulation is just going to trap it in. 

A great way to tell if your attic is properly insulated is to go up there on a very hot or very cold day. There should be a marked temperature difference.  If you visit a well-insulated attic in winter, with lots of insulation between the joists, you will notice the area is really cold – this is because the heat is being blocked from reaching the attic by all that thick insulation below you.  If you visit this same attic during the summer months, you will notice that it is really hot up there. That is because the heat from the sun has warmed up the roof and attic space, but the insulation is slowing the movement of heat from the loft space down into the house.  This is the perfect example of why you need the proper level of insulation in your home. It helps to keep temperatures even throughout the changing season. 

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Most people assume that insulation is something that keeps their home warmer in colder weather.  This is certainly true! But the real reason for of insulation is to slow the movement of heat between two spaces. What this means is that during the summer months the insulation will also prevent your home from overheating.